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Table of Contents2016

  • Cancer in 2016

    Research powers progress against cancer, improving survival for millions around the world. Despite the advances, the personal and economic burden of cancer is increasing, which underscores the urgent need for more research.

  • Developing Cancer

    Cancer is a collection of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell growth. Changes in the DNA of a normal cell are the primary cause of cancer, but cancer initiation, development, and progression are strongly influenced by numerous factors.

  • Preventing Cancer

    Many factors that increase a person’s risk of developing cancer are avoidable. In fact, more 50 percent of global cancer cases are believed to be related to preventable causes.

  • Finding Cancer

    Knowledge of the biology of cancer initiation and development provides us with opportunities to develop screening strategies that allow us to detect and then treat precancerous lesions or cancer at an early stage of development.

  • Saving Lives Through Research

    Biomedical research has led to tremendous advances across the continuum of clinical care. These advances are increasing survival and improving quality of life for people around the world.

  • Anticipating Future Progress

    As we look to the future, researchers throughout the cycle of biomedical research are striving to accelerate the pace of lifesaving progress by increasing our knowledge of cancer biology.

  • Building Blocks of Further Progress Against Cancer

    We must invest in research talent, tools, and infrastructure; support regulatory science initiatives; and enhance precision prevention efforts to continue to make progress against cancer.

  • The AACR Call To Action

    The AACR calls on Congress and the Administration to provide robust, sustained, and predictable annual funding increases for the NIH, NCI, and FDA, as well as to strongly support the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative.