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Table of Contents2012

  • The Status of Cancer 2012

    There are approximately 13.7 million cancer survivors in the U.S. today, as a result of investments in cancer research and behavioral changes, particularly the reduction of tobacco consumption.

  • Why Cancer Research?

    Research is our best defense against cancer. We would not be on our current path to revolutionizing cancer care if not for the extraordinary endeavors of those working tirelessly to conquer cancer.

  • Prevention and Early Detection

    Advances in cancer prevention and early detection have resulted in some of the greatest reductions in cancer mortality

  • Making Research Count for Patients

    Cancer research is yielding an unprecedented level of knowledge about cancer, which is beginning to transform the current standard of care, providing new hope for patients.

  • On the Horizon

    It is critical that we understand all of the factors that influence cancer initiation, growth, and metastasis, assimilate this knowledge and develop new ways to apply this wisdom if we are to develop comprehensive approaches to conquering cancer.

  • What is Required for Continued Progress Against Cancer?

    Despite a myriad of advances, there are many challenges that must be overcome if we are to make a quantum leap forward in our mission to prevent and cure all cancers.

  • Investment in Cancer Research and Biomedical Science Saves Lives, Fuels Innovation and Boosts the Economy

    Investments in cancer research and biomedicine are helping to turn scientific discoveries into better approaches for preventing, detecting, diagnosing and treating cancer.

  • Call to Action

    If we are to continue transforming scientific discoveries into therapies that benefit cancer patients, we require the unwavering commitment of Congress and the Administration.

​American Association for Cancer Research. AACR cancer progress report 2012. Clin Cancer Res 2012; 18(Supplement 1): S1-S100

Please see the editorial​ in Clinical Cancer Research.